"Providing expert in-home care solutions for seniors and individuals
with developmental disabilities."
About Us

Our mission is…"to become an organization that offers diversified services, programs and supports in community settings to individuals with disabilities and the elderly throughout the southeast; provide and environment that allows staff to think creatively, allowing productivity in the work place, and being responsive to each individual's needs." Primecare Home Care Services is committed to delivering the highest quality care with integrity, compassion and love. We provide an array of services to elderly and disabled persons such as Skilled Nursing, Personal Care Services and Companionship Services to the elderly and disabled persons in the comfort of their home.In 2007, Primecare Home Care Services opens its doors for business. Primecare became a licensed Private Home Care Provider providing private-pay Skilled Nursing, Personal Care and Companionship Services to the elderly and disabled population in our local community.

In 2009, Primecare Home Care Services was awarded waiver contracts with Community Care Service Program (CCSP) and Serving Options Using Resources in Community Environments (SOURCE) Providers through the Georgia Department of Community Health. These special programs allowed Primecare to provide services to a more diverse and needed population. Primecare Home Care Services' Management team continuously worked toward fulfilling our mission. In 2010 Primecare opened two additional offices in Macon and Thomson Georgia. Providing services to elderly and disabled persons through Private Pay, Long Term Care Insurance, CCCSP and SOURCE Programs. In 2013, Primecare opened its fourth office in Villa Rica, Georgia which was relocated to College Park, Georgia in July 2016.

Primecare Home Care Services' future plan is to launched, an adult day-program specialized for individuals with Alzheimer's and Dementia in Milledgeville, Georgia. As we continue to grow, Primecare will be continuing to expand throughout the southeast United States. At Primecare, we truly believe that the elderly and individuals with intellectual, behavioral, and developmental disabilities deserve to receive the highest quality of care and supports possible in the community and look forward to fostering genuine relationships with the individuals, their families and our community.

Humble Beginnings

It all started because of a need. Mrs. Lena D. Baker, the maternal- grandmother of Caleb and Joshua Flournoy , the Founders of Primecare Home Care Services, lived alone in Estill, South Carolina. Grandma Lena was suffering from mild Dementia, had vision problems and was constantly overwhelmed with everyday living. Barbara Flournoy, the Founder's mother, realized that the best move for her mother would be relocating her to Milledgeville so that she could have a more watchful oversight of her mom's care. Barbara accompanied loving sons decided that Grandma Lena needed a little extra assistance in the home while she went to work. Grandma Lena needed a caregiver a few hours a day to support her needs when Barbara, went to work. After countless interviews, days and weeks of scheduling appointments, mom accompanied by her loving sons, felt we had found the right caregiver for the task. The caregiver was Caring, Reliable, Honest, Punctual and Professional. We believe that this one-on-one care performed by the caregiver we chose not only preserved our Grandmothers' life, but gave our family more time to make even more lasting memories. Even though grandmother is gone now, Joshua and Caleb Flournoy, her grandsons, decided to meet the needs of other seniors in the comfort of their homes. In 2007, Primecare Home Care Services was established and started providing private-pay services to the elderly and disabled.

Meet the Founders
Born in the Historic Antebellum town of Milledgeville, Georgia, Mr. Caleb Flournoy is a 2004 Honor Graduate of Baldwin High School. Caleb was awarded numerous scholarships to further his Post Secondary Education. Caleb is a proud recipient of the Alpha Phi Alpha Scholarship, Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM Scholar) and is a proud Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholar. These scholarships have afforded him the opportunity to attend South Carolina State University.

While attending South Carolina State University as a Junior Biology/Pre-Medicine Major, Caleb along with his twin brother, Joshua, decided a road less taken many; which was become an entrepreneur. Josh and I decided to start a home care agency focusing on the senior and people with disabilities in Georgia. Realizing there was a significant need in rural Milledgeville the passion for quality healthcare was needed. During this transitional phase in business, Mr. Flournoy worked as a Healthcare Consultant developing and implementing Home Care Policies and Procedures for various Home Care Agencies throughout Georgia and South Carolina.

Today Mr. Caleb Flournoy serves as the Chief Operation Officer for one of the fastest growing home care agency in Georgia. The respect and determination for quality services for the elderly and people with intellectual, developmental, and behavioral disabilities has propelled this organization growth and brand. Under Mr. Flournoy's leadership and guidance the organization has various service components which the agency provides for persons through Medicaid Waivered Program under the Georgia Department of Community Health and Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities.

Caleb enjoys traveling, tennis, family gatherings and listening/writing music.

Caleb Flournoy, Founder
Joshua Flournoy is Primecare’s Chief Administrative Officer and some of his organizational duties include formulating business strategies, resolving any concerns that may arise within the organization, and develop interoffice policies that help maintain a pleasant and productive work environment.

His passion is to one day help Primecare fulfill its mission to not only offer diversified services to the senior and persons with developmental disabilities population, but to become a Southeastern brand that provides exceptional home care services in the United States.

Joshua enjoys reading, investing in businesses, traveling and golfing. His favorite television show is “The Profit”.
Joshua Flournoy, CMO & Founder
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