Personal Care & Homemaking
Meal Planning and Preparation

There's nothing like a good home cooked meal! Our Caregivers will assist with preparing meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), grocery shopping, and monitoring prescribed diets. No you and your loved one can rest easy, we are in the kitchen now.


We keep your home cleaned by assisting with mopping, laundry, emptying the trash, dusting, making beds and change linens.   


Need a little assistance from a friendly face? No matter if you are homebound or able to move about our Caregivers always think outside the box and use their creative mind to make sure there is never a dull moment. Examples of some activities include going out to restaurants, reading, gardening, playing games and much more.  

Live-In Care

Primecare offers Live-In Care to allow your loved one to remain in their comfortable warm home environment all while assuring all of their daily needs are met.  It is our goal to assign a core group of caregivers so that your loved one and the family will become familiar and comfortable with our quality of care we provide.


Did you know that most injuries to elderly individuals happen at night?  It is our goal that your loved one to have the assistance that's needed overnight.  Many elderly people get up throughout the night and need assistance with toileting, catheter care and even assistance with getting in and out of their beds. Primecare's caregiver will remain awake and always ready to respond to your loved ones need - so that you can get a great night rest 

Post - Hospitalization Care and Support

When you are discharged from a hospital or rehabilitation center it's very important that you receive the necessary services that will allow you to remain on a path to a speedy recovery.  Having a trained and dedicated caregiver who's there to assist you during your road to recovery is so important. 

Post - Surgery Care and Support

We understand that having trained caregiver there to provide support after any surgery is important.  We are here to assist you with you every need. 

Skilled Nursing 
When your loved one needs assistance with certain task that requires the skills of a Nurse its important that you trust only the best.

Our services are provided by a Registered Nurse or License Practical Nurse in the comfort of your loved one’s home when prescribed by a physician. 

Services include, but are not limited to:

Initial assessment and evaluations

Skilled nursing assessment with obtaining and monitoring vitals

Catheter care/change

Diabetic care

Wound care/dressing change

Medication management and administration *(Weekly Medication Management)

Other services as needed
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